Pixels #1

So the first blog on here to share my photography work.  As the garden has been blooming wonderfully this year I have taken every opportunity to get out there with my camera and take some shots.

I’ll share some people shots at some point, but for today, to continue the garden theme of my blogs so far here’s my first shared photo.

When we moved in the garden was absolutey overrun with Euphorbia.  From one end of the garden to the other it was all you could see running down the side of the lawn.  At first we thought there were two varieties, which we’ve not been able as yet to identify but I think one of them is Tiny Tim.  All I can tell you is one grows to about 1.2m high and is very very sturdy.  It snapped a handle on my brand new spade as well as one of my forks trying to dig out one of the plants.

Anyway, this year a different one appeared in amongst them all.  It was much prettier, with large creamy looking bells that drooped down from the more delicate stems.  Again, I’ve not been able to accurately identify this one, the closest I’ve seen is Euphorbia wulfenii John Tomlinson


We’ve now cleared out the majority of the Euphorbia, but kept a couple.  It obviously self-seeded successfully as we have mini one’s shooting up all over the place, which again we are removing.   We have dogs and cats and these are highly toxic to animals.

Still, I love this photo, I felt it captured the simple beauty of this plant.

Taken on Canon 5D MkIII, 100mm Macro Lens, F7.1 Shutter Speed 1/160.

It was in quite a shady area so extra light was provided using a maglite torch to give the yellow a slight glow.


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