Pixels #2

Focussing (excuse the pun) again on my photography work.  Again this is a shot of another plant from the garden.

The Allium family have long been one of my favourite flowers.  They create a lovely early bloom in the garden which adds colour to anotherwise fairly drab affair.  They signal the start of change, along with the crocus and dwarf beared iris, a sign that garden will soon be bursting with new life and colour.

As they progress and die, they leave beautiful seed heads that add interest and structure to the flower bed.

We have only ever had a few in pots, and this year a few random one’s sprung up in the garden which reminded us how much we love having them.

This shot was taken back in April, just as the first blooms were begininning to open.

Garden 0T2A4417 x 1200

This year we will be planting 100 mixed allium bulbs around the garden in the hope that next year we get to have a full display of these magnificent flowers to add a bit of an early wow factor.

Taken on Canon 5D MkIII, 100mm Macro Lens, F6.3 S/S 1/500.  Only natural light used


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