Impulse buy alert…

Oh. I seem to have wandered in to one of my favourite places. 

I’m very fortunate that near to where I live I have two amazing places to buy plants.

There’s a small nursery which is run by a team of young (and somewhat handsome) landscape gardeners.  This is relatively new discovery.  They grow the majority of stuff themselves and I have to say, I’m yet to be disappointed by the variety and quality.

The other place, and where by chance I found myself today is much bigger.  Its called Langthorns Plantery, and its amazing.  Again quality and price is hard to beat.

I’ll blog about both of them separately another time.

So today I subjected my teenage son to his biggest horror, another walk around a place that sells plants.

I lured him with the promise of ice cream.  It worked.

So today s purchases….

This beautiful, and unusual Rosemary Willow, Salix Alaegnos.  Standing at around 2ft in height and for only £8.90.

Planted just in front of this are 2 new Gaura’s.  This variety is Karalee White and is apparently an improvement on the whirling butterflies, which I’m hoping is true as the first killed all my whirling butterflies this year. They were £3.00 each. They are coming to an end of flowering but I’m hoping they will survive for next year.

Next up…

Lonicera Nitilda ‘lemon queen’.  I hadnt seen this one before but had looked at Lonicera before.  I loved the vividness of color on this one, it really stands out.  Its quite compact at the moment so I am hoping it will eventually grow to the 2m height it says.  I will have to keep it trimmed to stop it spreading to the full 2m, but its in a place where it can spread quite happily for a bit of time.  £7.90.

And my final plant purchase, there were also 3 tree stakes to help the sunflowers out, was a Hypericum x inodorum ‘Magical Red’.

This one is for a large empty pot I’ve got at the end of the potted flower bed.  I needed something that would fill a large pot, give some height against the windbreaker and itself help to diffuse the wind that comes down that way.

I just love the brightness of colour this brings to the bed.  

This was £8.90.

So my five plants and the three 5ft tree stakes came in all for £40.  I am always amazed how much you get for your money when you don’t shop at the big garden centres.

I’ve spent hundreds of pounds in the last year, well more likely about £1500 at these little places and have filled the garden with so much stuff.  It sounds a lot I know, but what I would have spent on the same items at a garden centre would been at least double that. We did once cost up one of our shops at a Scotsdale Garden centre vs. Langthorns.  Our bill at the latter came in at £96.  In the chain garden centre, for the same plants, some of which were less mature…£265.

Just had a quick search on Wyvale website and the same Lonicera, smaller plant than the one bought today, 2ltr v 3ltr.  £11.00. That’s £3.10 more for a smaller plant. One of favourite plants, berberis, of which I now have three.  All of them came as either a 3rd or 5ltr plant and they cost £5.90 for the 3ltr and £7.90 for the 5ltr. A 2ltr Berbers from Wyvale cost from £9.99 -12.00. 

Honestly, I know I’m probably preaxhing tot he converted but find the places near you, support them and you’ll never go back to the big chains again.  


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