Phase Two – In to 2017

magdelen green garden 26 sept 16I’m catching up with myself at last, well, I’m in the right year now at least.  Just the last five and half months to get to and then I’ll be blogging about what I’m doing now.

So when we left the garden in 2016 we had just managed to get the new office and the shed built and painted.  But Phase Two was only partially completed.  There was a lot more digging and shifting of turf to do.

I had also spent my winter nights looking for places online to buy seeds so I could try and save a bit of cash this year and grow my own.

Anyway, six months passed and March came round, it was time to start with the work again.

The plan for rest of phase two was this…

Remove the turf on the left hand side of the garden to create a deeper flower bed, move the temporary path and create a new one that took you from the veranda to the office and to the gate, and also to create a flower bed around the office so that it looked more like part of the garden.  I also wanted to get rid of the large paving slabs in front of the veranda that housed all the pots with dying or dead plants in them and turn that area in to more of a feature.

So, out came the lawn edger and the shovel and digging began again.

magdelen green garden 27 march 17

I started with the flower bed around the office.  This was going to be the make or break of this side of the garden.  It took attempts as the first one wasn’t quite big enough and it didn’t look balanced.  So more turf was removed to make a larger bed that would go all the way round the office when completed.

Now some slabs could be laid and the office accessed without having to walk on soggy, sticky muddy lawn.

With that done, the old path was taken out and the new path dug out and the slabs laid so we could now walk up and down and avoid the mud.

magdelen green garden 28 march 17

I created an area in the corner for some plants I had always wanted to plant – a spiky area for plants such as Phormiums, Rhodedendrum, Cordylines and other grasses and ferns. This meant having to remove a number of Euphorbia, but I was fine with that.  It was everywhere still and I was pleased to be able to reduce it.

magdelen green garden 30 march 17

This was a terrible place for the ferns it turned out.  They were fine for about a month, but when the sun started to appear in full force, they were in it all day and it’s fair to say they weren’t happy!  So they got moved.

I continued to remove turf until there was none on the left hand side.  it was now one long, deeper flower bed which would be much better for planting.  I left in some of the Euphorbia and the overgown rose lavendar to keep as space fillers for now, but I knew they would have to go at some point.

The lilac tree also needed controlling a little.  It has shoots coming up everywhere, some of which were about 5ft away from the main tree.

magdelen green garden 31 march 17

Next up was plant around the office.  My husband has some favourite plants and colours and so it was important to get this right for him.  He would, after all, be walking through it and looking at it most of the day.

A selection of grasses were added, along with a variety of different lavenders including, Hidcote, Peter Pan, Imperial Gem, Twickel Purple and Folgate.  When the time was right, this would be joined with Verbena bonariensis, his other favourite.

The little Flamingo Salix would have to be moved too, this wasn’t happy in the middle of the garden.  But for now, it would have to stay.

Next up – trying to do something to make the potted plants more interesting…



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