Pixels #7

So far I’ve only shared photo’s of flowers from my photography.

My passion for photography started young and my first real obsession, for want of a better word, was nature.

I was a quiet child, didn’t really know how to talk to people and preferred to be on my own whenever possible.  Large crowds made me nervous, and being in a one to one situation having to make conversation terrified me.  So I immersed myself in books on nature and wildlife, and would ask to go to the zoo whenever possible.  For a time in my life I wanted nothing more than to be a zoo keeper.  That didn’t happen, but my life for wildlife never went away.

We are surrounded by the most beautiful and amazing creatures, and it never hurts to just stop and look at what we have in this world and admire it – whether it’s an insect, a mammal, a fish or a bird, everything has a purpose and is built to meet it’s need.

If you can see things in their own habitat, amazing, but for some a zoo or wildlife park is probably the only option.  Whilst I’m more aware now of bad zoo’s, I don’t have a problem with those who sole purpose is to help through breeding programmes and rescuing and rehabilition.  I think they also serve a purpose for education.  Many would disagree with me and happily condemn all zoo’s.  I can often see their point, but I can also see the benefit of a good zoo.

So for this blog entry, I’d like to share one of my images.  This image was actually taken in 2011, but I found it again last year and decided to turn it in to more of a portrait and convert it to B&W.    I’d always liked the image, but it was just like any other photo taken in a zoo. I cropped it and blacked out the background to get rid of any distractions and focussed it purely on the face of this incredible vulture.

This is why I tend not to delete any photos, there are many times I’ve revisited an image from the past and with a bit of a fresh eye have turned the ordinary in to something better.  I was just getting back in to photography at this point and had a new digital camera.  The results from this day and a subsequent visit to an owl sanctuary got me hooked again on wildlife and nature.  Bizarrely, it also got me wanting to work with people more, and so my long-term project 100 Portraits was started.  I’ll blog about that another time though.

BOP_MG_8095 with logoTaken at Linton Zoo, 2011.  Re-Edited 2016.

Taken on a Canon 400D, 300mm Zoom Lens, F5.6  S/S unknown so was probably on an auto-exposure setting.


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