Phase 2 – May 2017

A Big Month

Not just a big month.  A Massive month.

An exciting one too.

May was the month we got married.  This meant that the garden was a bit of a second thought for majority of the month.

As we were having a small wedding we knew we were going to have a couple of BBQ’s to celebrate in June and July.  This meant the garden had to be in a good place by the beginning of June for the first BBQ of the year.

There was still a lot to do.

I had seeds growing in pots everywhere which were getting to a good size and would be able to be planted out soon.  I just wasn’t ready to plant them out yet.

magdelen green garden 39 may 17The bed I’d dug out the previous month was ready to go and i had transplanted a few grasses and plants from elsewhere to start it off.  I also ordered three yound Cytisus, and this would be there home for a while to help them establish.

This was predominently going to be a sunflower and wildflower bed, you know, for those bees that I keep banging on about.  Looking at it though, I had no idea how it was going to pan out in the end, but I had to keep going.

I had seeds from 7 different sunflowers growing in pots; Kong, Giant Sungold, Dwarf, Autumn Beauty, Prado Red, Giant Single Yellow and Ruby Eclipse.  I planted around 60 seeds in total, and had about a 50% success in germination.  I was disappointed with this, however in hind-sight, the amount that succeeded filled this land perfectly.

For the wild flowers I made the decision that for this year I would buy a couple of packs of mixed seed.  This I did from Amazon having found a small marketplace retailer who sold mizes for bees and mixes for butterflies.  I bought 2 of each and liberally sprinkled them around the spaces that were left.  Now all I had to do was wait and see.

The garden was coming together and with the new bed was flowing better from one half to the other.

There was however one thing I was still unhappy with.  The pond.  It looked ridiculous.  It was way too small and as for attracting nature, I feel like they just sat and mocked it.

So one Sunday morning I dragged Simon out again and we picked up a larger pond.  I decided to the keep the smaller one and put them together.  The bigger one could have fish in it, the smaller one could be used as overflow and be allowed to grow a bit more wild.

I also wanted it raised.

I swear there’s something wrong me.

I dug out the small pond, and we started again.  Position the two ponds and building up around them.

magdelen green garden 40 may 17

There was a lot to do and this took a couple of weekends of solid work.  Digging and filling and setting up the boundary.  It was back breaking stuff.

In between the pond work I was also continuing with the path to the end of the garden.  More weed control and blue slate chippings going down.  We needed that BBQ area to be reached. magdelen green garden 42 may 17

Simon had also decided that he would like a living wall, he wanted a project in the garden.  So he started on that and I continued with the pond.  We would make this a wildlife haven, even if it killed us.

The pond was finished and planted over three weekends.  The path was almost complete.  And the living wall made a lovely addition to finish off the BBQ area.  Techinically we managed to finish it all on the 1st June, Now all that was needed was plants in the living wall and good tidy up everywhere else.  The seedlings from the Bee & Butterfly mixes were starting to show and the sunflowers that had survived the slugs were growing rapidly.  Our first BBQ was going to be the following weekend, so planting needed to take place…

Living Wall


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