Paul’s Plant of The Week


Now, I’m going to be honest here.  I bought this for the garden for one reason and one reason alone.  It’s called Sneezeweed.  (we have another plant in the garden called Gayfeather which was purchased for the same reason.)

Come on!  How can you not want to own something called a Sneezeweed?

We bought this herbaceous perennial last year and it was a relatively small plant of yellow flowers, it added wonderful colour and brightness to the garden.  The bees liked it, so did the hoverflies. We were on to a winner.

As you can tell, I didn’t know much about it when I bought it.  As with most things purchased last year it was because the colour was right and we liked it.  Our scheme revolved around Yellows, Purples and Pinks.  A scheme we both really liked.

The plant was only about 30cm high and it was placed just infront of an equally beautiful Astrantia.  It didn’t get any bigger than that.

20170811_171914This year however things changed.  We cut it right back once it was finished and forgot all about it until the spring when it started to grow again.

And it did grow.  It currently stands at around 1m in height and completely hides the Astrantia from last year.

Interestingly this year, it has clearly split in to halves – a different colour on each.  It’s still one plant but there’s a clear divide between the yellow flowers we had last year and the brand new red/orange with a yellow edge that have appeared this year.

I have no idea how this happened or if this a common thing in Heleniums.  Unfortunately I can’t find the tag for this plant anywhere to know what the variety is – so if anyone knows please let me know…


What I do know is this, next year they will be three years old and I will be dividing this wonderful plant as it will be old enough to do.  And then I can start spreading20170818_165139 it around the garden to add more of it’s glorious brightness and life to other areas.

I will also move this one  and put it to the back of the border so that we can see the Astrantia that has been lost behind it.

This is a splendid plant, with an amazing show of flowers and worthy of being in the garden.  Any garden.




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