Pixels #10

Over the past few years I’ve been photographing people as part of a 100 Portrait project.  The people are chosen either randomly, or they’re someone close to me, or in some cases someone who has asked if they can take part.

A Portrait of Danny

Danny is a colleague at work.  We sat next to each other for a while and this was really when I got to know him.

Danny 0T2A3817 x 1200We talked about my photography and we talked about his passion for art.  Until this night, which was a few years later, I hadn’t actually seen any of his work.

He agreed to sit for me quite a while before the shoot took place, time is often a problem for me, but we persevered and eventually managed to get an evening we could both do.

Danny is a gentle soul and a talented artist.  It was a great honour to be able to take his photo.

Danny 0T2A3782 x 1200

As I’ve said previously, one of the reasons I love what I do is that I get to talk one on one to someone.  When I say it’s an honour that people allow me to do this, I really mean it.  Sitting infront of a camera can make you feel very vulnerable, you are at the mercy of the photographer and you are leaving yourself open to be photographed in the manner that they choose – a photo can be manipulated in anyway to give it a certain feel.  For Danny, I wanted to capture two things – his gentle nature and his blue eyes.  I wanted his portrait to be honest.  I don’t like to do too much photoshopping, I have done when requested, but for me the whole point of a portrait is to capture the person, not to airbrush the hell out of them.  I can look at the photo’s I’ve airbrushed and they leave me cold.  Whereas I look at photos like these of Danny and I feel much happier about them, I feel like they capture a part of him.

Danny 0T2A3753 x 1200

Danny 0T2A3810 x 800

These photo’s were taken earlier this year, and Danny is the last person to have been shot for the 100 Portrait Project, he is Number 16.  That means I’ve got 84 more to do.  What I enjoy about this project is that each session is different and there is no pressure to complete it quickly.  This means the portraits happen when they’re meant to happen.  They just fall in to place.  I’ve got to meet new people, catch up with old friends and have captured some memories.  I look forward to doing to more as and when they occur.


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