Paul’s Plant of the Week

Osteospermum (Cape Daisy)

It’s ok, we’re back to the perennials we love so much after last weeks diversion to a shrub!  Although, I say perennial, we learnt after last year that not all varieties are.  Like the one’s we bought.  They weren’t.

We bought these beauties last summer to put around the pond, we needed some colour and we fell in love with these flowers when we spotted them at the nursery.

From what were actually quite a small plants when we bought them they really do bush out and fill space.    Ours bushed out to cover around a 40-50cm spread with a height of 30-40cm.

20170910_073709Last year it was all about the purples, but this year we pushed the boat out and went for three different colours.   Purple, obviously, Yellow and White.

We had two of each and planted them around the pond, as we did before.

One of the reasons I love this flower is because of the coverage it gives you – the leaves are lush green but not particularly exciting in any way – the excitement is purely from the flowers.  Which come in abundance when the plant is in it’s peak.

The purple and the white plant this year really shone, the yellow however barely produced and soon disappeared.  I’m not really sure what happened to them, they just didn’t grow after their initial flowers.

Still, the four remaining plants gave an amazing show.   From June onwards they just grew and grew.  With weekly deadheading the flowers just kept on coming, there was never a moment where these were not in flower.  Even now, halfway through September, they are still going.  I feel like the flowering is beginning to die down, however there are still buds and I’m still dead-heading determined to get the most out of these plants.

20170910_073750I can’t find anything bad to say about these plants, for the second year in a row they have proven themselves to be a beautiful flower and a striking touch of colour to have in the garden, and with the exception of the yellow variety they have proven themselves to be very reliable and long-lasting.

There are several varieties with different looks, the purple ones were doubles, the white were the standard, but you can also get crimped/spoon shaped petals too.

I think these will be a bit of staple in the garden for some time to come.  Fingers crossed we’ve managed to get the perennials this year so as not to have buy more again next year, but if not, I’m not going to complain if I have to go and do a bit of shopping at the nursery!

Cape Daisy


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