Pixels #12

Photography is personal to every person who stands behind the camera.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not the perfect photo, it captures a moment that means something, it captures a memory or an idea, it captures beauty, horror, wonder and fear.  It tells a story, either about the subject or perhaps about the person who took the photo.

We all have our fights and our demons to deal with.  We deal with them differently and express them differently.  I have written about my own before in some depth, dealing with BDD for 25yrs has not been easy, and isn’t easy, but it doesn’t win as many of the battles as it used to now.  I put that down to three things.  My friends & loved ones who have supported me, my growth of inner strength and photography.  Photography allowed me to look at myself – sometimes it failed and I couldn’t bear it, other times I was able to be objective and look at the photo as if it were anyone else.

I say that, I wouldn’t make anyone else do the things I make myself do for the sake of a photo!

Scarf Leia

I took that a few years ago – I never did finish that scarf.

Here’s a more recent photo.

Paul-5268 x 1200


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