Paul’s Plant of the Week

Gaura Lindheimeri “Karalee White”

This is a new plant in the garden this year.  Last year I had Gaura Lindheimeri “Whirling Butterflies” in amongst the grasses and it looked lovely.  What I hadn’t realised though is that it’s not very hardy.  The first cold night of the winter and it was dead in the ground, it wasn’t until Spring came round and everything else was beginning to show through that I realised it was gone.

So this year whilst I was out and about in my favourite little local garden centre when I spotted it again, only it wasn’t the same, it was a new variety.


According to the label this is much hardier than Whirling Butterfly and can survive winter if protected from frost.  So I will be making some little cloche’s to help protect  along with some mulch to hopefully help, and we will see if that works.

What I love about this plant is it’s delicate nature – everything about it adds a delicate elegance to the flower bed – the tall wispy stems and the tiny white flowers that blow about in the slightest breeze.

This variety seems to be taller than the Whirling Butterflies, it’s about 90cm at it’s tallest.  It is coming to end now, but it still has enough flowers on it for interest.  I’m really hoping that these survive the winter this year, I do love them and would recommend them.  I’ve got them nearer the house this year which hopefully will help with some protection, but they look good with the Rosemary Willow behind and a couple of shrubs on either side which help protect them a little bit too.


I’ll let you know next year if they survived.


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