Pixels #13

I love a prop.

Almost anything in the house can be turned in to a prop for a photo.  I say almost anything, I can’t think of anything that couldn’t be used, just perhaps one or two that you might choose not to!

I’ll start blogging some of the things I’ve used in various photos, just to show that you don’t always have to spend out a load of money to get interesting effects.

Today though, I’m going to start with my favourite thing.  The simple hat.

What’s not to love about a hat.  The hat has allowed me to leave the house to pop to the shops on a weekend morning when I’ve just got up and not done my hair yet.  Anything that lets you hide the “fresh out of bed” look is good by me.

All these images on this blog are selfies, but I’ve used hats with models too.  And not just hats – hoods too.  Anything that covers the hair counts.

With a little bit of lighting, either natural or additional lighting you can achieve some fun and interesting shots.

Paul IMG_9367 resizedPaul IMG_1341 resized

And any kind of hat will do too, you can have fun with any hat!  Personally I love a bobble hat or beanie because they’re maleable and you can wear them tight and low or long and tall.  Although I did love that Monkey hat.

A hat can give you a moody image or a fun image and although you can’t do anything with my ugly mug, it does help to create some different feels and a bit of interest to the image.

And just to show that hoods are as useful…


I seem to have accumalated quite a few hats over the years and I have kept most of them in the bag just so that I have some knocking about when I want to use them for photos.  Never underestimate the simple hat, it’s a good friend for a photographer and portrait photos.

IMG_0439 resizedRichard Glen IMG_4237 smallMatt IMG_2175 Small


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