Garden Jobs for the Weekend

Nothing like looking out of the window at the grey skies and feeling the chilled air against your face for making you want to retire back to the sofa and let the garden do what ever it wants for the winter.  However, with 2 dogs on the premises that’s just not an option, so I need to get out there and do some bits.

Firstly, as it’s not raining the lawn needs mowing.  Dull!  However, it’s getting way too long again and with the constant rain we’ve been having I’ve not had a chance for a few weeks to get it under control.  Soon it can be left alone for the winter, but not yet.  It’s a bit too wet to mow but I’ve got to get it done whilst it’s not actually physically raining.

Next up is a bit of weeding.  Those bloody dandelions are coming from nowhere and suddenly theres a 4ft plant in the flower bed.

I’ve got to get more bulbs for the woodland area, but I’ve planted my snowdrops, muscali and bluebells and put in a holly bush and a beautiful vivid dogwood will help add a bit of colour up there too.  I didn’t want to go for the classic holly as it needs some lighter colours in this part of the garden to help lift it, so chose a variegated variety instead.

I’ve got a friends wedding party to go to tonight so I shan’t be doing anything too heavy as I’m planning on perhaps partaking in a beverage or two and having a bit of a dance.

I’ve decided not to do too much cutting right back this year, onlly the things that really need it.  We have a lot of birds in the garden, which in spite of the cats best efforts, seems to keep growing in numbers.  They take refuge in the trees and hedging at the top end and so I’ve decided to just let them be this year and make sure they’ve got protection.

The bramble has gone a bit mad in places – you can tell when there’s 10 foot stems drooping down from the tops of the trees that perhaps it’s time to get that under control a little bit.

And that will be it, nothing major, nothing particularly exciting.

Tomorrow will be reserved for relaxing, ordering the bulbs I’m missing for the garden and putting together our wedding album.  We got married in May, thought it was about time we ordered the photos we want!

What ever you’re up to, have a lovely weekend.

Paul x


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