Garden Jobs for the Weekend

As we enter another weekend it really is beginning to feel fully Autumnal and the drop in temperature to single figures (brrrrr) is a sure sign that Summer is well and truly over.

The deciduous trees and plants are all showing beautiful deep reds or golden yellows 20171007_083555and the ground around them is beginning to be scattered with their leaves.

We’ve had no rain for a few days so I’ll be getting another mow of the lawn in today to try and keep it down, you never know when the last mow with will be before the winter as the weather makes more and more tricky.  So alongdside the mowing there will be some leaf gathering.

This year I want to try and bag the leaves up to make my own leaf mould for next year, something I failed miserable to do last year due to lack of enthusiasm.  I’m not organised enough and don’t have the patience to wait 12 months for it to be what I want so find it easier to just buy what I need now.  But as I’m trying hard to spend less and less on the garden and grow more things from seed myself, it feels only right to give it a go this year.

Most of the Sunflowers have come to an end now, there’s a few still holding out, but the majority have given their best and are now looking droopy, brown and sad. Job no. 3 – removed these from the bed.  I’ve already cut most of the larger heads that I wanted to keep and they’ve been hanging up in the shed for a couple of months so I’ll also start taking the seeds from them to save for next years plants.


There’s a little bit of work to do in the woodland area, although not too much, just a bit of weeding and tidying. The new Weeping Birch, Holly Bush, Dogwood and Cyclamen all seem pretty settled, only time will tell if the Hyacinth, Bluebells, Snowdrops, Muscali and Narcissi will surive the winter and fill the borders with colour in the spring.


The Antirhinums too have all faded – so these will all come out and that bed will be prepared ready for re-seeding next year for a fresh display.  I planted them originally as an “all white” bed, however only about two of them turned out to be white and the rest a variety of colours, and I have to say although I was slightly disappointed that my master plan hadn’t turned out, I loved the bright colour they added.  I could attempt to leave them in and see if they survive the winter before being cut back, but I find with them that you get better plants if you just reseed, they don’t tend to come back quite as strong as the first growth.

It doesn’t sound like a lot to do, but with a bit of weeding thrown in I think it’ll definitely be enough to fill most of today – tomorrow is reserved purely for relaxing on the sofa with a movie.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. x


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