Plant of the Week

Callicarpa Giraldii “Profusion”

So, bringing you this weeks star and actually a new purchase.

I had seen this shrub before and forgot to look it up at the time and so forgot all about it, but I loved the purple colour of the berries and thought they would add good colour to the garden as winter approaches.

Then up it popped in this months Gardeners World Magazine so I found out what it was called, and then the following day when I went out shopping there it was.  I took it as a sign that I should buy one and so there it is, in the sunnier part of the woodland garden where it will sit alongside the Dogwood and the Holly to help add a dash of colour to the area.

Callicarpa giraldii Profusion

I’m regretting slightly having not purchased one last year as I might have a bigger plant by now, potentially I could have been more patient and found a bigger plant somewhere else, but then I wouldn’t have been able to call it fate, that would have to be classed as shopping!


Anway, I have one now and I can’t wait for it to grow!  That said, I’ve no idea what the actual growth rate is.  I’ve looked at 5 websites and found three different answers              2 x “Average”, 1 x “Moderate”, 2 x “Fast”, so it could be anything and I’ve not been able to find any specifics – I’m not really sure what any of those mean in terms of cm growth per year?  If anyone does, please let me know 🙂

Final height should be somewhere between 1.8-2m, with a spread of around 1.5m.  It is deciduous and I’ve read has pink flowers in the spring, I’ve only ever seen the berries so looking forward to the spring to see it in flower.  I’m hoping the growth rate is decent enough so that within a couple of years I have a decent height bush in the part of the garden.

With the Pyracantha in the garden in full berry, it’s nice to have some different colour berries elsewhere, and once everything else is depleted these will a bit more food for the birds in the garden.


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