Well, that didn’t go to plan…

Well, there was a plan in place for this weekend.  It was going to be my first weekend out in the garden.  Bit it went awry.

I did get out in the garden today, and I did manage to plant 15 wild roses at the back of the woodland garden which I’m hoping will grow up against our back fence and act as both wind-break and as a deterrent for anyone who thinks climbing the fence might be fun, plus they should provide a nice place for wildlife when they come in to flower.

I didn’t however manage to start my first seed trays of the year, and there was a very simple reason for this.

We have a new member of the household and he proved, well, rather distracting to say the least.

20180210_150500Meet Twiglet, our cheeky little whippet pup who came to stay with us yesterday.

We hadn’t really planned to get another puppy just yet, but we agreed to look and then within two days he became available and when we met him it was a no-brainer.

He’s such a little cutie and seems to have a wonderful temperament and lovely character.

He’s still settling in, but he’s a lot braver today compared to yesterday and is investigating, stealing, terrorising the cat and our chocolate lab.  He’s fitting right in.

Looking forward to more adventures with the little fella now, it’s fair to say I’m completely smitten with him.



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