Things looking up?

Well, it’s been a disappointing start to the year what with the wind and the rain and then the bloody snow that covered everything.

Over the past couple of weeks though, in between the weekend rain I’ve been sneaking out and getting some bits and pieces done.  A bit of pruning here and there, some tidying and clearing, a bit of weeding, and most importantly right now – puppy proofing the garden from a small whippet with a penchant for flowers.  Seriously, he has so far ripped up an entire pot of crocus flowers, some hellebores, and just the other day I caught him trying to climb the Camelia and pull the flower heads of that too (climbing as he’d already pulled off the one’s that were low down.), alongside that I’ve had to cover a fair amount of open space with chicken wire to stop him getting to certain areas altogether.

20180316_171110.jpgAlongside what remains of the red flowers of hellebores, we still have the untouched green flowers on the other one currently flowering.  I’m guessing he just hasn’t noticed them yet.

So, with all that done I had plans for this weekend.

Pleased to see some colour appearing in parts of the garden again it has encouraged me to start planning this years garden.  And this was going to the be the weekend it was all going to start.  I’ve even been out and purchased a few plants in readiness.

Beautiful white crocus alongside the red dogwood and tucked behind the primroses are looking lovely in the woodland area.  The hyacinths, bluebells, snowdrops and miscanthus are all shooting too and I hope we get some colour from them this season up there.

And now?  Now they’re forecasting more snow over the weekend.  Seriously?  I don’t want more snow, I want to be out in the garden doing some work.

Fingers crossed they get it wrong and it doesn’t hit us.

Right, so back to the plans.

At the end of last season and with all of the perennials gone from view it became clear that one of our beds, the main bed in the first part of the garden, was missing any kind of structure to hold interest through the winter months.  Also, this was the most open space where the new pup could get through, and now it the chicken wire it looks, well, unnatractive.

This means a different tact on this bed.  Whilst it was beautiful when in flower, I want it hve interest all year round so when you look out the windows in the miserable weather, it still has something to bring a smile to the face.  And also something to fill the gaps and hide the chicken wire.

20180316_171212The plan then is to turn this in to a mixed bed of shrubs and perennials.  I have a shrub I love that is evergreen and am using this to tie in to the rest of the garden by having another variety of it.  Brachyglottis Silver Dormouse will be added.  This is a lovely little everygreen plant which will give me a lovely contrasting leave to all of the green going on.  This will be planted alongside some Hebe Pascals, which will bring a hint of red.  There’s a couple of Viburnum’s to go in which in time will be used to give some height at the back and help hind the fencing.  Then some of the other shrubs I’ve got I’ll move around when the time is right to help build it all up a bit more, things like Tandaris Gold which I’ve always loved, and the Spiraea Japonica, Goldflame, another beaut of a shrub to have.

There’s also a Mock Orange in there, something I’ve always wanted ever since my dad had one, this however is going right by the veranda so we get the benefit of that lovely sweet smell when it’ flowers

I’m genuinely quite excited to build this bed up now in to something a bit more substantial, full of evergreens that will flower throughout the year as well as plant it up with some different perennials.  Maybe I’ll even venture in to bedding plants this year?

Now, fingers crossed the snow doesn’t happen and I get out in to the garden and get these things in to the ground!

With my first batch of seedlings shooting well I’m hoping we’ll have another good display this year with plenty of variety and colour across the whole garden.

Here’s to 2018 being a succesful year for all us keen gardeners!  Cheers everyone.



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