So, it’s been a while!

It really has been a while.

The past year has been a bit of an up-hill struggle.  For personal reasons I won’t go in to, it’s not always been possible to get on top of everything and due to my husbands work relocating we are now in the process of trying to sell our house which has taken up a lot of time and effort over the past couple of months.

We haven’t yet sold, but have in the past week suddenly got a few interested parties, so with any luck one them will come off soon and then we’ll be able to proceed with offering on the house we want (assuming it’s still there when we do get the chance).

Anyway, as part of my process this year I decided two things – one was that I was going to teach myself to draw and paint – something which is well under way.  The other was that I would enrol in a gardening course, more specifically garden design.  I want to be able to spend more time outside, and more time not only on my garden but helping others with theirs.  This is a bit of a retirement plan, there will come a day I’m sure where my job isn’t secure, or my commute becomes too much or anything, who knows?  But when that day comes I want to be ready and I want to have a bit of a plan in place.  I don’t want to go in to another desk job.  I love what I do now, but I’m old enough to know that that might not always be the case.

With this in mind that’s what I’ve just done.  Well, by “just” I mean a week ago, it’s that I’ve just started reading the materials today for the first time.

I’ve enrolled in the RHS Level 2 Garden Planning, Maintenence & Design certificate course.  I have enjoyed learning about the garden myself over the past few years that it felt right to now pursue some proper knowledge about techniques and the enhance and add, and correct, what I’ve taught myself by just picking up.

The sad part of this is that I’m going to lose the garden that was going to be my project and that I’ve been working on for just over 2 years now, the exciting part is that I will get a brand new garden to play with when we do finally move.

My plan is to use my blog to help me cement what I’m learning, share anything of interest and generally update people with what I’m doing and how I’m doing.  You never know, it might help someone at some point.

One of my challenges is learn my basic plant list.  Basic in this case means knowing the latin names of 105 plants – this is a mix of shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals, grasses etc along with their sizes, common names, planting locations and decorative values.

Whilst that is in module 6 (of 8) in this first part of the course, (4 parts in total), i thought best to try and get on top of it from the start whilst working through the rest.

My first module, outcome as they call it, is around how to carry out a survey using triangulation.  Having mocked trigonometry at school and how would knowing about triangles ever be useful in life, I am now seeing how Karma works – looks like it’s happy to hold out for over 20 years before coming to bite you in the arse!

I have so far spent my morning drawing triangles and measuring various points in the garden to create more triangles.

So, this is my starting place.  I shall continue to update and add some notes, one to help me remember, and two, to maybe pass on some useful tips.  I guess there’s also a 3rd which could be to give people a chance to mock my stupidity from time to time.

Now, head down and off we go for another attempt at learning how to survey a site…



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